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Signs that your Basement has Sprung a Leak – Detect Water Damage

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There is nothing worse than having to deal with a flooded basement. Such unmitigated disasters can ruin the woodwork beyond repair. Either that or it takes a specialist to restore it to its former glory.

 Signs of Basement Water Damage

Areas that experience a lot of storms see their fair share of homes with flood damage. The basement of a house often fares the worse during sudden downpours. It can either range from water seepage from the foundation of the house to excessive flooding.

 Of course, rain isn’t the only factor that can make a soggy mess out of your basement. Flooding can also occur through broken pipes and leaky pressure tanks. Residents who live near water sources like lakes or rivers have also experienced their homes being gutted during the wet season.

The most extreme cases of Water Damage occur when septic tanks burst and pour their putrid contents out into a home’s basement. No one likes to deal with raw sewage let alone the damage it causes as it backs up through the toilet, floor drains and sinks through the entire house. However, the fact remains that it has to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Needless to say, water damage and restoration companies can be a godsend to homeowners looking to restore their basements back to their dry condition. Such companies are well equipped to handle any type of property restoration like storm damage, smoke damage and fire damage.

Emergency Restorationone.com will connect you with certified professionials in your area to deal with your water damage issues and restore your basement back to the way it was before your loss.

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